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February 1994: the American CIA has just arrested Russian double agent and 30-year CIA veteran Aldrich Ames. What they don't know is that his arrest will set in motion a comprehensive killing spree by East Germany's most notorious assassin, a man code-named Neokoros, who will come out of retirement in Budapest, Hungary to launch a final Stasi vendetta against a series of American, Russian, British and Israeli targets.

One of them is John Mannon, a World War II hero, CIA veteran and now senior U.S. senator from Oregon. Mannon had piloted a B-17 during the first daylight raid on Berlin during March 1944 before crashing his 20-ton bomber in a German field. For fifty years Mannon and Neokoros have tracked each other like wolves in the shadows of the Cold War and the fog of international espionage.

But when the East German takes out an innocent victim in South Boston, unsuspecting detective Ron Corcoran finds himself holding a scrap of paper inscribed with the words Ephesians 6:25 and a crime that actively spans multiple continents and decades of hatred, distrust and fear. Of all people, he turns to an Episcopalian priest who must decipher the one clue, a Bible verse that does not exist, and uncover a darkening mystery that threatens all of America's weakened intelligence community.

With historically accurate and well-researched military and espionage details, The Darkest Mission takes readers on a hard-hitting and fast-paced ride of bitterness, revenge and depravity. The harrowing conclusion is a tour de force of gritty punches and counter-punches thrown by a variety of interested parties who know that Aldrich Ames is just the tip of the spy-infested iceberg.

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