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If you've read Stieg Larsson's Millennium Trilogy, you'll want to move Rick Burton's 'The Darkest Mission' to the top of your must-read list. Burton's extensive historical knowledge, rich literary style and impressive biblical scholarship create a magnificent tour de force of sustained suspense and compelling intrigue. Revenge, terror and retaliation appear in numerous corners of this finely-woven literary tapestry. 'The Darkest Mission' offers a bold, audacious alternative to cold, rapacious vengeance.

-- C. Coolidge Wilson, 'The Little Toy Soldier on the Covered Bridge'

For those of you who absorb World War II history, who enjoy a good piece of historical fiction, who live for a good thriller and a first-class spy story ... 'The Darkest Mission' is for you. Educating and entertaining, well-written and thoroughly researched, genuine and just a little bit unsettling as truth flirts with fiction. It's all you want in a good book but infrequently find.

-- Steve Davis, 'Think Like an Editor' & 'Click on Democracy'

This is a classic British thriller -- set in a time when our European walls were coming down in so many ways. The plot is fast-paced and tightly wound. Thrillers are not a genre I usually read -- but I loved this book and the way Burton kept me on my toes throughout. Looking forward to his second book already!

-- Matt Rogan, 'Britain and the Olympic Games, Past Present Legacy'

'The Darkest Mission' is a creative whirlwind. Burton has created a new niche in thriller-mystery category that entertains thoroughly. It's an impressive first work.

-- Mark Wallinger, award-winning journalist

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